• Fun and understandable mathematics for everyone, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Gamification.

    Achieve teaching objectives with indicators of academic competence
    on a global scale in your school.

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Zoombers School: School Platform

Curriculum content for 5 to 13 years old.

Hundreds of games that cover the curriculum content in accordance with the expected learnings of TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) and those required by the local ministry of education, adapting the content to the school's planning and teaching methods.

Focused on 21st-century skills defined by the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) in a gamified environment, emphasizing the development of cognitive and executive function skills within a framework of emotional development that promotes self-regulation, socio-emotional competencies such as self-esteem, self-confidence, camaraderie, frustration tolerance, and strengthening of emotional bonds among peers, teachers or facilitators, and parents.

+ Artificial Intelligence

Allows content personalization for motivating learning tailored to the teaching needs of each girl and boy.

Creating reports that highlight the areas of greatest potential and learning opportunities for each student.


Zoombers has international and local recognitions in LATAM, USA, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and Spain.


Zoombers is the #1 platform in content consolidation and a favorite among teachers, students, and parents!

Learning with global skills

  • Real-time comparison of cognitive skills with educational institutions around the world.
  • Your students have academic competitiveness in your country and anywhere on the planet.
  • Students answering more than 550 Mental Calculation questions in less than 10 minutes!
  • All subjects for children aged 5-13 years old.

Time-saving for teachers, one-click functions

  • Personalized assignments for each student with just one click
  • Real-time and downloadable automatic reports
  • Pre-loaded or editable group assignment with just one click
  • Language switch: English / Spanish
  • Assignment of aids and/or rewards as motivators.

Zoombers aligned with your school + Support in minutes!

  • In addition to the global pedagogical framework, we align the curriculum with the expected learning outcomes of the Ministry of Education in your country and your school.
  • You will also have a team of human Pedagogical and Technical Support, available almost instantly.

Challenges that ARE personalized

  • The globally acclaimed Zoombers Artificial Intelligence, positioning us as "the best GLOBAL Mathematics Platform for primary education content," enables the assessment of cognitive skills for each student and provides challenges according to their level and learning style.
  • We follow international pedagogical frameworks such as TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study), focusing on cognitive skills identified by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Real-time feedback for the school and parents

  • Teachers will have downloadable and editable reports as evidence, and parents can access them at any time, in real-time, with global indicators.

Gamification = effective communication of content

  • Zoombers offers super fun dynamics for individual or group activities, allowing for self-management, motivation towards learning, and even improvement in social bonds among peers and teachers.


Trust with academic and pedagogical validation.


Instituto Noyola, Tlaxcala, Mexico

“From the beginning, we fell in love with the platform, but we never imagined it would be such a useful tool in times like these!”

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La Salle de Seglares, CDMX, Mexico

“What ultimately convinced me is all the work I saw behind the platform, the pedagogical and didactic support that accompanies each game, closely aligned with the curriculum, and something that truly supports the program's content as a helpful tool rather than a burden. In addition, the feedback provided is exceptional...”

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Instituto Sek Internacional, Guadalajara, Mexico

“The Tournament is one of the most anticipated moments for both the parents who are present and the students and teachers. It's where we can showcase our skills, and it impresses them that their children are learning through play...”

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Instituto Simón Bolívar, Popocatépetl, Mexico

“Zoombers takes you by hand to the extent that it gives you the opportunity to offer personalized elements for students intelligently based on the learning they have already consolidated...”

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We develop the STEAM competencies for a bright future.


Your students will have the opportunity to compete in Mental Math challenges with their classmates and students from around the world in a safe and fun environment while improving their skills.

It is carried out through Zoombers Multiplayer, a video game with international recognition.

  • International Tournament: Students from all Zoombers schools around the world participate.
  • Intra-school Tournament: Students from a single school or a network of schools participate to compete with their peers.
  • International Teachers Tournament: Teachers from a single school or a network of schools participate to compete with their peers.
  • Participation in the Zoombers International Tournament


  • The use of gamification methodology seemed very interesting to me, but what ultimately convinced me was the pedagogical support and the work that goes behind the platform. Teachers can use it as a support rather than a workload...

    Miss Jessica

    Teacher, LA SALLE (2021), Mexico

  • We came across Zoombers and fell in love with the program, but we never imagined it would be such a useful tool during this time

    Miss Gabilú

    Principal, Instituto Noyola (2020), Mexico

  • The students have developed their logical thinking much more, especially in mathematics. They have improved their reasoning skills significantly. I notice that they are much more perceptive, learn faster, and are quicker in mental calculations.

    Miss Tere

    Teacher, SEK GUADALAJARA (2021), Mexico


The Happy Zoombers support team will always be with you!

Our team is always ready to support, providing service and attention through pedagogical and technical assistance to teachers, resolving doubts, and inviting the school community to special events.


How do I get Zoombers?

Start now by creating your groups and trying out Zoombers for FREE with your students at: piloto.zoombers.com Your Zoombers advisor will contact you shortly, and we can begin with the training if you wish. The platform training is straightforward and takes 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can send us an email at contact@zoombers.com.

What achievements can I expect with my students using Zoombers?

Zoombers focuses on developing cognitive, executive function, and socio-emotional skills identified by the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) as essential skills for the 21st century, following the three domains of cognitive mastery outlined in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS): knowing, applying, and reasoning.

How long does it take to implement Zoombers in my school?

In just 24 business hours, your students can start enjoying Zoombers, starting from the reception of student lists for the generation of usernames and passwords. This timeframe may be extended if you prefer to adjust the distribution of Zoombers content according to your school program, as well as the teacher training date, which we suggest should be done at the time of platform acquisition. This training lasts approximately 30 minutes.

What technical requirements do I need in my school to use Zoombers?

Zoombers is multiplatform, with the same username and password, students can access it from a computer/laptop or from a tablet/mobile device. (Chrome, Edge, Safari, iOS 11.0+, Android 8.0+)

Can I grade/evaluate my students with Zoombers?

Zoombers reports can be used as grades, portfolio evidence, and evaluations, both for group and individual assessments. Zoombers provides a range of reports for mathematical topics, activity progress, and cognitive skills, both on an individual student level and for groups. Additionally, it includes a progress comparison indicator that helps track the coverage of mathematical topics in line with the international grade-level standards. Zoombers offers clear and easy-to-read reports that can be shared with parents, teachers, administrators, and coordinators.